Wildlife Sightings

This table will be updated with local sightings of wildlife that people have made in and around the Fairfield Nature Reserve. It is intended to act as a useful summary for all visitors, and as a learning resource for our schools and youth groups. If you spot anything that may be interest, we would be grateful if you could post a comment to the Wildlife Blog

Note: All photos and media files included below are provided under the Wikipedia Commons Licence - clicking each source file will link to the original file and author attributes on Wikipedia - further details on individual birds can be found on the excellent RSPB site. If you would like to see photos of wildlife taken around the reserve, these can also be viewed in the Wildlife album in our gallery.

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Barn owl DateNumberLocationComments
Barn owl
Photo by Peter Trimming. License: CC-BY 2.0
11/03/152FaunaFauna footpath
30/10/151FaunaChased by crows towards Orchard
30/10/151FloraObserved over ploughed field
Brown hareDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of Brown hare
Photo by Richard Rice. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
28/01/13 1 Big Meadow
08/03/13 1 Field adjoining Fauna
09/03/13 1 Field adjoining Fauna
09/03/13 1 Flora
19/04/13 1 Upper Sowerholme
09/05/13 2 Flora
15/05/13 2 Fauna, near School Pond
16/05/13 2 Flora
17/05/13 2 Flora
20/05/13 1 Flora
21/05/13 1 Field adjoining Fauna
25/05/13 1 Field adjoining Fauna
31/05/13 3 Flora Possibly same hare
01/06/13 1 Flora
04/06/13 1 Flora
04/11/13 1 Big Meadow
01/12/13 1 Grammar School Field Spotted running towards Fauna footpath hedge
09/03/14 1 Ex-Gleesons Field
24/03/14 2 Fauna/Flora Running along Lucy Brook
29/03/14 2 Ex-Gleesons Field, Arable Field
30/03/14 2 Corner of Hay and Big Meadows Paths crossed, but continued in opposite directions
07/04/14 1 Flora Arable field north of Pony Wood
15/04/14 2 West Field
18/04/14 1 Leveret
18/04/14 1 Ex-Gleesons Field
25/04/14 2 West Field Observed possibly co-habiting same depression in grass ...
08/05/14 1 Flora Observed on boundary of Flora Field and Lower Sowerholme.
23/05/14 1 Flora, Long Pads Lying still, eyes open, ears back, undisturbed by human presence. Sleeping?
02/06/14 1 Arable field
07/06/14 1 Arable field Observed 6.30pm on the slope just above the ruin
16/12/14 1 Flora field
05/01/15 2 Flora field Observed moving towards Pony Wood
17/01/15 1 Big Meadow
02/02/15 1 Big Meadow Edge of marsh, close to Pads path, heading north
04/04/15 3 Flora field Group of 3 observed
15/04/15 1 Reserve
20/04/15 1 West Field See photo in Wildlife album
30/04/15 1 West Field See entry in Blog
03/05/15 1 Big Meadow
07/05/15 1 West Field
09/05/15 1 Flora Field Observed on border with Lower Sowerholme
10/05/15 2 Lower Sowerholme Observed in evening
13/05/15 3 Lower Sowerholme Observed seperately in afternoon
09/08/15 1 West Field
25/10/15 2 West Field
13/03/16 1 West Field
13/03/16 1 Lower Sowerholme
Bullfinch DateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Tony Hisgett. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
Buzzard DateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Aviceda. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
19/04/132Pony Wood
Canada goose DateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Canada goose
Photo by Rror. License: CC-A-SA 3.0
09/02/133?Big MeadowSee comment in Greylag Goose section ...
Chiffchaff DateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top

Photo by Luis Nunes Alberto. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
04/04/151Upper Sowerholme
Common sandpiperDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Common Sandpiper
Photo by Charlesjsharp. License: CC-BY-SA 4.0
06/08/151School Pond
CuckooDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Vogelartinfo. License: GFDL-1.2
CurlewDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Andreas Trepte. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
23/02/13c. 40Field adjoining Flora
26/02/13c. 25Field at the bottom of
Aldcliffe Hall Lane
01/12/132Hay Meadow
19/02/142+Flora - West field
FieldfareDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of FieldfarePhoto by nottsexminer. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
30/01/13c. 20Grammar School Field
03/02/14c. 30Big MeadowEither Fieldfare or Redwing, or mixture of both - too far to confirm
09/11/148Upper Sowerholme
30/01/15West Field
GoldcrestDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Philippe Kurlapski. License: CC-BY-SA 1.0
07/10/15Orchard & FaunaSeveral
GoldfinchDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Andreas Trepte. License: CC-BY-SA 2.5
31/05/142FaunaEx-Gleesons field
07/06/142FaunaLucy Brook side of the Hay Meadow marsh
30/01/151Lucy BrookLucy Brook
04/06/151Hay MeadowObserved on hedge
Great spotted woodpeckerDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Photo by Daniel Birkett. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
10/05/131In the area
30/01/151Pony Wood
Great titDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Great tit
Photo by Daniel Birkett. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
10/05/131In the area
GreenfinchDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Andreas Trepte. License: CC-BY-SA 2.5
14/10/131Flora, West Field Hedge
07/05/142FloraObserved on boundary between Flora Field (new name for the arable field) and Lower Sowerholme (ex-Gleesons Field)
17/03/151FaunaNear Cromwell Road
17/03/152FloraAldcliffe Road, at edge of Arable field
20/04/151FloraLittle Wood
Green sandpiperDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Green sandpiper
Photo by Charlesjsharp. License: CC-BY-SA 4.0
08/07/151School Pond
12/08/151School Pond
Grey heronDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Grey heronPhoto by Calum McRoberts. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
09/02/131Fauna/Cromwell's Pond
21/02/131Fauna/Cromwell's Pond
13/11/131FaunaCromwell's Pond
13/11/131FaunaAsh Tree Pond
01/12/131FaunaAlder Pond and Big Meadow
19/03/142School PondFlew off as we walked past
22/03/142Cromwells PondOne flew off as other arrived
24/04/141Alder Pond
26/04/141Flying across Fauna towards EstuaryObserved flying back along same path
11/05/141Flying E-W over ex-Gleesons field
13/05/141Flora, on edge of scrape
31/05/141West field
04/06/141Flying E-W over ex-Gleesons field
11/01/151Flora Field
02/02/151Upper Sowerholme
27/05/151School Pond
01/06/152Big Meadow marsh
05/10/152FaunaPreening itself on Grammar School Field
02/11/152FaunaGrammar School field
Grey partridgeDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Grey partridgePhoto by david galavan. License: CC-A-SA 2.0 Margin of Flora field
15/04/142West Field, by scrape
21/04/142West Field, far side of scrapeObserved in the evening
27/04/142West Field, on edge of scrape
June4Flora field2 pairs
08/08/143Big Meadow2 pairs
14/10/14FloraHeard during part of visit of Finnish biodiversity advisers
17/02/152FloraArable field
27/05/152Flora Field
Grey wagtailDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Grey wagtailPhoto by Luc Viatour. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
19/10/131FaunaLucy Brook, by Cromwell Rd Gate
16/10/151FaunaSchool Pond
17/10/151FaunaAlder Pond
Greylag gooseDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Greylag goose
Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
09/02/133?Big MeadowThree geese were seen circling over Big Meadow and then landing - they were either Greylag Geese or Canada Geese (see below). If anyone else saw them and can provide confirmation, please post to the Wildlife Blog.
21/08/143Wheat field
11/09/1421Wheat field
12/09/145Wheat field
15/09/1416Wheat field
16/09/1445Wheat field
House martinDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
House martin
Photo by Omar Runolfsson. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
14/05/14c. 6Fauna
09/05/15Big Meadow
31/09/15FaunaSeveral, with one pair tending a late nest
JackdawDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of JackdawPhoto by Jan Mehlich. License: CC-A-SA 3.0
JayDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of JayPhoto by Fruggo from nl. License: CC-A-SA 3.0
13/10/131Fauna, near School Pond
12/02/141Storage Building gatepost
21/03/141On tree just past Storage Building
30/09/142Big MeadowLucy Brook end
27/11/141Sunnyside Lane
05/10/151Hay Meadow
KestrelDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by sannse. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
12/02/131Big Meadow
12/12/131FaunaHovering over Big Meadow bog
13/11/141FaunaBig Meadow
29/05/151Big Meadow
05/10/151Lower Sowerholme
KingfisherDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Andreas Trepte. License: CC-BY-SA 2.5
02/02/151Hay MeadowFlying over, probably to canal
LapwingDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of LapwingPhoto by Andreas Trepte. License: CC-A-SA 2.5
25/01/13c. 15Field adjoining Flora
28/04/141Ex-Gleeson's field
29/04/142FloraObserved swooping in amongst gulls and crows, over the ploughed fields.
30/04/142Ploughed field
01/05/14Flora Field
02/05/142Ploughed field
07/05/142Flora Field
11/05/142Ploughed field
13/05/14Flora Field
02/06/142Arable field
03/06/142Pads path2 chicks!
03/06/142Arable field
03/06/144Arable fieldPossibly 2 nesting pairs
04/06/142Arable field
05/06/142Flying over arable field
08/06/14Arable field
09/06/144Arable field
21/04/153Flora field2 engaged in courtship display
12/05/152Arable field2 engaged in courtship display
27/05/154Flora field
LinnetDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
LinnetPhoto by Joe Pell. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
26/12/14c.50Arable fieldFast-declining, red-listed species.
04/01/15120Arable field
17/01/15c.80Arable field
30/01/15West FieldLarge flock
02/02/15Long Pads footpathFlock
17/03/153FloraPony Wood
20/04/1510FloraArable Field
Little egretDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Little egretPhoto by Nilfanion. License: CC-A-SA 3.0
18/01/131Field adjoining Flora
Little owlDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Little owlPhoto by Trebol-a. License: CC-A-SA 3.0
Long-tailed titDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of Long-tailed titPhoto by Tony Hisgett. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
02/02/15OrchardSmall flock
MallardDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of Mallard ducksPhoto by Keven Law. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
28/01/134Lucy's Pond2 pairs
02/06/143Alder PondDucklings
02/03/154School Pond
01/04/151Hay Meadow
01/04/153Big Meadown
Meadow pipitDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Meadow pipit
Photo by Gerry Zambonini. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
25/03/13c. 40Fauna
01/04/15Big MeadowArrived from Spain
02/11/154Big Meadow
MerlinDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Omar Runolfsson. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
18/10/131FloraSpotted by hedge along the footpath (field side)
Mistle thrushDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Mistle thrush
Photo by Yuriy75. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
04/04/132Fauna, near School Pond
MoorhenDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
MoorhenPhoto by G.Lukasik. License: Wikimedia Commons
28/01/132School Pond
21/05/132Alder PondNesting pair
02/03/151School Pond
01/04/151School Pond
NuthatchDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
NuthatchPhoto by Pawel Kuzniar. License: GFDL, CC-BY-SA
01/04/141FA Storage Building
OspreyDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
OspreyPhoto by Yathin S Krishnappa. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
10/04/151Observed flying over the reserve
OystercatcherDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
OystercatcherPhoto by Neokortex. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
29/04/141FloraObserved prodding about close to brow of hill of arable field
13/05/141FloraObserved exploring crop area
23/05/142Flora, one near Howson's Gate, one near Aldcliffe RdPossibly nesting pair, as one spotted sitting in same place, possibly on eggs
Painted Lady butterflyDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Painted Lady
Photo by Fritz Geller-Grimm. License: CC-BY-SA 2.5
10/04/152Lower SowerholmeWildflower strip
Peacock butterflyDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Peacock butterfly
Photo by James Lindsey at Ecology of Commanster. License: CC-BY-SA 2.5
10/04/151Fauna footpathCromwell Road end
Peregrine falconDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Peregrine falcon
Photo by Denis Jarvis. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
03/11/131Fauna, near Cromwells Pond
PheasantDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Male Pheasant
Photo by Dick Daniels. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
09/11/131FaunaBig Meadow, near Lucy Brook
04/01/151OrchardHeard, not seen
02/03/154Hay MeadowFemales
Pied wagtailDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Pied wagtail
Photo by MPF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
Pink-footed gooseDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Pink-footed goose
Photo by crackers93. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
24/03/13c.900West Field, adjacent to reserve
RedstartDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Aconcagua. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
13/04/151In the reserveMale
15/04/151Fauna footpathFemale observed in the hawthorns near School Pond
15/04/152Near Orchard2 males observed on allotment perimeter fence
01/05/151Fauna1 male
RedwingDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Nottsexminer. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
24/03/132Hay Meadow, Fauna
05/11/14Carr House MeadowA group observed feeding in the Hawthorns
15/12/14Kendal Pads A group observed feeding in the Hawthorns
01/01/15Flora fieldA flock feeding actively on margin of Flora field
30/01/15West field
02/03/15FloraSmall flock in field opposite Little Wood
02/03/1520FloraFlying from Pony Wood to edge of Big Meadow
07/10/152School field hawthorns
Reed buntingDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Reed bunting
Photo by Artur Mikolajewski. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
08/03/143Alder tree, Flora
07/06/141FaunaIn a shrub, just over the fence before School Pond.
20/06/14SeveralFaunaFlitting between Big Meadow and School Pond - possibly nesting.
01/04/151Flying over reserve
07/06/151Female, possibly nesting near old Alder tree
Roe deerDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Roe deer
Photo by Johan Neegers. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
19/04/131Fauna, Hay Meadow
27/05/143Upper & Lower SowerholmeObserved in morning
27/05/143Middle of Flora FieldObserved in afternoon
28/05/141Upper SowerholmeBounded off in Flora direction
Sand martinDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Sand martin
Photo by Nigel Wedge. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
Sedge warblerDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Sedge warbler
Photo by Andy Vernon. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
ShelduckDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Arpingstone. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
10/05/1311Top of hill by Pony Wood
23/04/152Flora Field
ShovelerDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Ian Kirk. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
25/11/141FaunaFemale spotted on School Pond
SiskinDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Slawek Staszczuk. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
SkylarkDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Daniel Pettersson. License: CC-BY-SA 2.5 Sweden
13/11/131FaunaFlagged by RSPB as Red Status
SnipeDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of SnipePhoto by Mike Pennington. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
19/04/131Fauna/Upper Sowerholme
04/11/132School Pond
04/11/1342Big Meadow Marsh
01/12/1324Big Meadow Marsh
01/12/132Hay Meadow Marsh
01/12/1325School Pond3 possibly Jack Snipe
06/01/1448School Pond
06/01/1450Big MeadowIncluding 1 Jack Snipe
06/01/141Hay Meadow
06/01/141Upper Sowerholme
02/02/1441School Pond
02/02/1428Big Meadow
02/02/142Hay Meadow
07/03/1414School Pond
07/03/1420Big Meadow
07/03/145Upper Sowerholme
19/08/141Wheat field
01/09/143Big MeadowAsh Tree pond area
04/10/144Big MeadowAsh Tree pond area
04/10/141Lower SowerholmeEx-Gleesons field
07/10/14c.10FaunaBig Meadow wetland
15/10/141FaunaJack Snipe, Big Meadow marsh c. 6pm
03/11/1431FaunaSchool Pond (with 2 probable Jack Snipe)
03/11/1423FaunaBig Meadow, near old Ash Tree
05/01/151Hay Meadow
05/01/1518School Pond
05/01/1556Big Meadow marsh52 Common snipe and 4 Jack snipe
02/02/1585Big Meadow marsh78 Common snipe and 8 Jack snipe
02/02/1523School Pond
02/02/158Upper Sowerholme
02/02/153Hay Meadow
02/03/158Hay Meadow
02/03/157Upper Sowerholme
02/03/1526School Pond1 Jack snipe
02/03/1540Big Meadow35 Common, 5 Jack snipe
01/04/158Hay MeadowMainly observed in cut area of marsh to the north of Cromwell’s Pond
01/04/153Upper Sowerholme
01/04/1516School Pond
01/04/1520Big Meadow1 Jack snipe
22/07/15School Pond
20/08/152Big Meadow Bog
19/09/152FaunaBig Meadow Marsh
31/09/157FaunaFeeding on School Pond
05/10/151Hay Meadow
05/10/151School Pond
05/10/151Flora Field
05/10/154Big Meadow
25/10/154School Pond
02/11/1511School Pond
02/11/1533Big Meadow1 Jack
02/11/151Pony Wood
02/11/158ReserveFlying over - did not settle
03/11/1514FaunaSchool Pond
Song thrushDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Song thrush
Photo by DickDaniels. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
29/03/141Flora West Field
23/06/141OrchardObserved perched on apple tree
09/07/141OrchardObserved on several occasions at north entrance
02/02/152Flora Field hedge
01/04/151Near shed
27/05/152Hedge by Lucy Brook
07/10/152Hedge by School Pond
Sparrow hawkDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Sparrow hawk
Photo by Meneer Zjeroen. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
06/03/131Garden adjoining Fauna
13/05/131Fauna, near Cromwell Rd gateFemale
22/05/131Fauna/OrchardSpotted flying from Fauna to the Orchard
06/01/141Big MeadowProbably male, judging from size
02/10/141FloraA dead sparrowhawk was found in Big Meadow a few days later, possibly due to mobbing by magpies.
05/01/151Big Meadow
30/01/151Hay MeadowFemale
01/04/151Flying over reserveFemale
02/11/151Flying above Hay Meadow
03/11/151Flying over School Pond
StarlingDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Philip Heron. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
10/05/13c. 300FaunaThese birds listed as 'Red Status' by the RSPB.
27/04/14c. 15ex-Gleesons field
07/06/145Flora fence
20/06/14SomeFaunaBoundary between Big Meadow and Lower Sowerholme - included some young birds.
05/01/15Big MeadowA flock observed as part of flush count.
30/01/15West Field
StonechatDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Myosotis Scorpioides. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
24/02/141School Pond
SwallowDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by sannse. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
08/04/141FaunaObserved near canal between Haverbreaks and Fauna
08/04/141FloraGrammar School field
08/04/141FloraGrammar School field
13/04/15ReserveSeveral observed
15/04/15Reserve'Plenty' observed
SwiftDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Pawel Kuzniar. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
15/05/14c. 3Fauna
Tawny owlDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Tawny owlPhoto by Calum McRoberts. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
09/02/131Fauna/Upper Sowerholme
09/12/131FaunaHeard calling from dead Oak tree by Lucy Brook
11/03/152FaunaHeard calling to each other
TealDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of Teal duckPhoto by Tony Hisgett. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
28/01/1310Upper Sowerholme Pond
11/03/1310FaunaBriefly landed on frozen pond and flew off
12/12/1310Fauna, School Pond
25/11/146Fauna, School Pond
27/11/148Fauna, School Pond
05/01/1511School Pond
30/01/159Lucy's Pool
02/03/1511School Pond
01/04/158School Pond
02/11/153School Pond
TreecreeperDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of TreecreeperPhoto by Peter Mulligan. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
09/03/141Pony Wood
Tree sparrowDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo of Tree sparrowPhoto by silvia duckworth. License: CC-A-SA 2.0
10/11/14 7FloraRegular sightings in Aldcliffe Rd gardens, adjoining Flora
05/05/151Lucy Brook Hedge
25/10/152Alder Pond Hedge
Water railDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Water rail
Photo by Pierre Dalous. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
07/03/131FaunaLucy Brook, just down from Cromwell Road gate
05/11/141Cromwell Pond area
05/01/151Big Meadow marsh
02/03/152FaunaLucy Brook, just down from Cromwell Road gate
WaxwingDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Eddie. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
10/03/13c. 6Sunnyside Lane
10/03/1322Millenium Orchard
10/03/135Sunnyside Close
12/03/131Orchard/Fauna Crossroads
WheatearDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Philippe Kurlapski. License: CC-BY-SA 1.0
18/04/136FaunaOne spotted in the morning, 5 in the evening (4 males, 1 female)
19/04/131Fauna/Big Meadow1 male
30/03/144Fauna4 males
25/04/146Flora5 males. Showed characteristics of the Greenland/Iceland race Oenanthe oenanthe leucorhoa (see blog entry for photo).
10/04/152Arable fieldObserved in the field being ploughed.
23/04/151Arable field
09/05/153Flora field
WhinchatDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Male Whinchat
Photo by Marek Szczepanek. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
WhitethroatDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Steve Garvie. License: CC-BY-SA 2.0
10/05/131In the area
WoodcockDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Ronald Slabke. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
01/12/143Upper Sowerholme
05/01/151FaunaNear Lucy's Pool
05/01/156Upper SowerholmeNear Lucy's Pool
02/02/151Hay Meadow
02/02/152Upper Sowerholme
02/03/151Upper Sowerholme
WrenDateNumberLocationCommentsBack to top
Photo by Robert Lorch. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
28/05/147Hay Meadow, Lucy Brook edgeFamily of 5 chicks, with 2 parents feeding them, near Cromwell Rd gate.
04/10/141Hay Meadow, Lucy Brook edge
30/01/151Orchard Path
02/02/151Hedge between Hay & Big Meadows
02/02/151Big Meadow MarshNear old Alder tree
02/03/151Big Meadow MarshOld Alder tree
05/10/151FaunaUpper Sowerholme