Joining the Fairfield Association


If you enjoy the play area and/or orchard and/or walking the path across the Nature Area (Fauna) why not, like many others, become a Member of the Fairfield Association?

A Membership donation helps towards the costs of the maintenance of the play area, the Orchard and the Fauna and Flora nature reserves, and Membership numbers are important when applying for grants. Practical help is also valued and is counted as Membership.

The Membership Form below gives you an opportunity to note whether there are activities that you can assist with; it also means that we don't bother people unnecessarily if they are not able to help with a particular task. So even if you donít make a financial donation but can help in a practical way please do send me the completed from. However if you do make a Membership donation and you are a tax payer you can help us to raise more money, at no cost to you, by Gift Aiding your Membership donation - see form below. Please complete and return to Membership Secretary (address on Membership Form) with your Membership Form and donation.

Fairfield Association Membership Form
Fairfield Association Gift Aid Form

Once you are a Member (either by making a donation or volunteering) you are considered to be a Member in perpetuity unless you let the Membership Secretary know otherwise. However in subsequent years the Membership Secretary will contact you to check that your details are up to date.

If you would prefer to make an annual donation by Standing Order please let me know and I will send a Standing Order form to you.

If you are not able to become a Member or help practically then please do still come and enjoy the events, buy refreshments and tell others about the Fairfield Association.

Any questions please contact membership AT fairfieldassociation DOT org.